Misja klubu Czerwony Smok

Striving to create the best possible conditions for sports training with the help of specialised coaching staff.

Today, we have reached an important stage in achieving our goal. We have such a sports facility, which creates optimal training conditions for both amateurs and professional fighters. Thanks to cooperation with outstanding specialists in the field of martial arts, you can realise your sporting dreams with our assistance.

We have specialists in physiology, physiotherapy and osteopathy. Training with us is safe and gives a lot of pleasure.

Training in our club:

  • you have the club at your disposal 7 days a week from Monday to Friday 09:30 to 21:30 Saturday 8-16, Sunday 12-18
  • organised training units: boxing, MMA, Thai boxing, K1, bjj, gym, sauna
  • classes for competitors
  • classes for children: taekwoondo, muay thai, K1, bjj
  • co-financing of trips to sporting events
  • direct access and combination of indoor and outdoor training in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Malta

What do you get?

  • Experienced trainers
    Experienced trainers
    Our trainers have many years of experience in their field.
  • Comfortable halls
    Comfortable halls
    Training takes place in modern rooms and in a good atmosphere.
  • Reasonable prices
    Reasonable prices
    In terms of price, we also want our customers to feel comfortable.
  • Effective workouts
    Effective workouts
    Our experience guarantees high effectiveness of the exercises.
  • Individual approach
    Individual approach
    We adapt to the individual needs of each student.
  • Top equipment
    Top equipment
    Modern equipment protects the trainees and guarantees concentration on the sport.

Club history

Officially, the Red Dragon Martial Arts Club was founded in 2003 by Maciej Michalak and Bartosz Jezierski, who were also instructors at the time. Until 2005, it was a one-section club and specialized in Olympic Taekwondo, and rented the hall for the section from Primary School No. 36 on Słowackiego Street. Even then the athletes of the club were successful in national and international competitions.

In 2005 the club changed its seat and until 2008 it used the hall rented from the bankrupt Modena clothing factory at ul.Jackowskiego, where it significantly expanded its activity by kick boxing, Thai boxing, judo and mma sections. During this period, the club gained enormous popularity and renown, and the name Czerwony Smok (Red Dragon) became widely known to the majority of young people in Poznań who came into contact with combat sports. Many fighters contributed to this, winning the highest trophies in national and international competitions. The most important ones include: Bartosz Lewandowski,  Damian Gajewski, Natalia Skwarek (member of the Olympic taekwondo team), Przemysław Lis, Szymon Wachowiak, Jacek Felisiak, Mateusz Każmierczak, Marcin Wieczorek, Łukasz Szulc, Radosław Szyguła, Eryk Rzeszutek, Krystian Czelewicz – competitors and Polish champions in kick boxing and Thai boxing.

After another change of the hall’s location in 2008, the club created even better training conditions for the players in the almost 300-metre hall. At 6 Bóżnicza Street the fighters had a small floor ring and parts of a cage at their disposal. Sections were created in Wągrowiec and Szamotuly thanks to Maciej Wysocki, which function to this day, training young people to reach for the highest results.

In the years 2008-2013 the club reached for the highest trophies: Wojtek Zbierajewski – Muay Thai WMF World Champion, Leonard Pociask – IFMA European Cup bronze medalist.

The year 2013 was not the easiest one, as the club was forced to change the location twice. Another hall rented from the bankrupt Modena plant, and after six months a change to the former AWF gym in Wilson Park. At that time, thanks to working with Piotr Sawiński, Joanna Socha won the Junior K1 European Championship.

In 2014 new perspectives open up for the club, and thanks to sponsors we manage to open a hall by Lake Malta with a cage, crossfit section (affiliated) and a gym, where we hope the club will settle permanently.

We would like to thank all the players and trainers who were not mentioned and all those who participated in the life of the club, contributing to its image today.

How can I join you?

Just come to the training. We are recruiting constantly so you can join us at any time. You are welcome!

What equipment do I need?

For the first training session you will only need sportswear, but afterwards the coaches will be happy to advise you on the best equipment to wear.

At what age can i join?

We have classes for children from 6 years of age.
Youth classes are for ages 13-16.
You can join us for adult classes from 16 years of age but we need written permission from the parent to do so.

Do you accept MultiSport/Medicover Sport?/FitProfit cards?

Yes, MultiSport Plus, Kids, Senior, Student and Medicover Sport, FitProfit, FitSpor.

Is it possible to join the group if you have not trained before?

Yes, our trainers will introduce you to everything!

Is it possible to come for a "trial training"?

You can buy a one-off entry and see what our training sessions are like.

Aare there any classes for women only?

Yes, we have a boxing group specifically for women, but women are welcome at any other group.

How much time do I have to arrive before the training?

It is best to be about 15 minutes early for the first training session.

Why is it worth choosing our club?

Our sports facility provides the best training conditions for both amateurs and professional players. The best fighters in Poland train with us, whose fights you can watch on KSW or even UFC. Thanks to cooperation with outstanding specialists in the field of martial arts you can realize your sports dreams with our assistance. Our trainers will properly guide your sport development. The Red Dragon offers martial arts training of the highest quality for children, young people and adults. We constantly care about the highest level, as well as a wide range of classes. We conduct classes in Taekwondo, Muay Thai, MMA, BJJ, Boxing, and K1. In addition, in our club is the possibility to use the gym and sauna.


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