1. March 2022
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The first very important information – our debutant, a representative of women’s boxing group – Kinga Tafelska – wins two fights and wins a gold medal! We are proud and congratulate!

Another two of our pearls:

Michał Lis wins 4 (!!!) fights and thus wins his category winning the gold medal! So far no one has found a way for our “Young Fox” and his specific boxing style. Let’s keep it up!

Krzysztof Frąckowiak also wins 4 fights and takes gold in his category ! It’s Frącek’s debut in boxing and he’s going at it thick and fast! Working from the ground up and polishing a few of his trademark moves gave excellent results during the competition!

Damian Piwowarczyk also took the gold and Marcin Jahns and Marcel Klukiewicz returned with silver medals.
Mateusz Brzeski unfortunately suffered an injury in the first fight.

Krzysztof Czarnecki also made his debut – he won his first fight in great style.
Debutant Jaroslaw Grajczynski showed up very well as he won 2 fights in great style !!! In the 3rd fight he was unfortunately eliminated due to injury.

We are very proud of the boys and Kinga Tafelska.
Now the only thing left for us is to be happy and work even harder, so that such a tendency was already in every competition.

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